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Reiki is a very simple and beautiful system which allows you to easily access your true and inherent healing and spiritual abilities.

Once you are “attuned” to reiki you will be able to use this incredible and natural power to heal yourself and others.

It is very simply to become attuned to Reiki and it is something that everyone can do……..More.....

What Does The Word Reiki Actually Mean?

The word Reiki is made up from two Japanese words: Rei and Ki

Rei means Universal Spirit.

Ki means life force energy.

So the word Reiki is generally defined as “Universal life force energy”.

Universal life force energy can be more simply stated as….”life”…

What Can Reiki Do?

With Reiki you can help to heal many common physical, emotional and spiritual difficulties.

A reiki Treatment can be given to any living thing…..that includes…yourself, friends, clients, family members, pets and animals, plants and world situations.

When a reiki treatment is given…the recipient will often feel very calm, relaxed and invigorated and will find that the things which bothered them earlier do not seem to bother them so much any more.

Reiki is very subtle and after a series of treatments most people see a marked improvement in their lives and general wellbeing……..more…..

How Can I Learn To Use Reiki?

Learning to use reiki is very simple.

Reiki is taught in a series of three courses known as reiki one, reiki two and reiki master.

You can learn to use Reiki in the comfort of your own home with this simple Reiki Distance Learning Program. You receive full email support and guidance throughout the course and you will soon see for yourself the true power and joy of reiki healing......

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