Reiki Master.

reiki master symbol

To get the full benefit of the Reiki master course you should take this level after you have successfully completed your Reiki Two Course and at least 21 days of self healing at level two.

The reiki master Course will take you to the upper level of reiki training and practice. You will learn about the forth Reiki Symbol and how to use it to intensify your treatments and self healing..

Reiki Master Course.

The Reiki Master course includes:

  • The Reiki Principles.
  • The Story and History Of Reiki.
  • Methods of treating people with Reiki.
  • The reiki Mater symbol.
  • A deeper look at all of the Reiki symbols.
  • Reiki Master Attunement.
  • Reiki Master certificate.
  • Reiki Master manual.
  • Where do we go from here.
reiki master CD

After completing your Reiki Master Course you will be a full qualified and certified Reiki Master.

Like our other Reiki Courses….the Master Level is delivered as a series of audio talks….so it is very easy to follow and will guide you step by step to the ultimate level of reiki.

You can purchase the Reiki One, Reiki-Two and Reiki-Master Courses as a package and save more then 30%.

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