Reiki One

reiki one power symbol

Reiki One is the first step that you take on the path to becoming a Reiki Healer. At the end of the Reiki One course you will know how to use Reiki to give treatments to others and to perform Reiki self healing.

The Reiki One course is the essential first step and instantly attunes you to Reiki and your inherent ability to heal.

Reiki One Course.

The Reiki One Course includes:
  • What Is Reiki.
  • The History Of Reiki.
  • The Reiki principles.
  • Introduction To The Power Symbol.
  • How To Learn And Use Reiki.
  • Your Reiki One attunement.
  • Hand Positions For Self Healing And Giving Reiki Treatments.
  • Guided Self Healing.
  • Reiki One certificate.
  • Summary And Advice.
  • Reiki One Manual.
Reiki One course

We deliver the Reiki One course as a series of audio talks including the natural attunement. This makes it very easy to follow and you also receive all of the materials in written form too for easy reference.

Reiki is a very powerful healing art, but it is very simple to learn and use. The Reiki One course that we deliver makes it possible for you to start using Reiki to heal yourself, friends and family, paying clients or any other living thing.

The Reiki One Course is included in the Reiki Distance learning Program and is an exelent introductio to Reiki.

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