Reiki Two.

reiki two distance symbol

The reiki two course, or advanced reiki training, introduces you to two more of the reiki symbols and attunes you to a deeper level of reiki.

On the reiki two course you will learn how to “send” reiki to people who are far away, how to specifically target mental and emotional difficulties and how to use the reiki symbols to increase the depth of your natural healing ability.

Reiki Two Course.

reiki two mental symbol The Reiki Two course includes:
  • Review of reiki one and your personal experience of it.
  • Introduction to the mental/emotional and distance symbols.
  • Using the symbols
  • Reiki Two attunement.
  • Reiki two self healing.
  • How to do distance healing.
  • Reiki past present and future.
  • Reiki two certificate.
  • Reiki two manual.
reiki two CD

The reiki two course is started after you have completed reiki one and the 21 days of self healing.

Reiki two is a very powerful level of ability and one should be properly prepared for it by doing the reiki one course and become accustomed to using reiki.

The course allows you to take your study and use of reiki to another level and is in fact a very spiritual course… we are dealing with very deep and basic concepts of spirituality and allowing you to access them in yourself to extend your ability to heal.

Like reiki one……this course is delivered as a series of audio talks….thus making the course very easy to do.

At the end of reiki two you will be a fully certified advanced reiki practitioner. The Reiki Two Course is Included in The Reiki Distance Learning Program.

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